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Hi i'm Madellyn,
im 23 years old living in SoCal.
My blog is either about women or things that made me smile
Instagram: XI_MMXII

I feel so alone lately..
Lately all I wanna do is cuddle
I, I don’t know..
Fall asleep and cuddle..


Throwback #lesbian

Please come &get your car washed.
Any donation helps.
Off limonite and hamner at The Homedepot.
If you do come, I’ll be there helping out so come say hi.
Any donation is much appreciated for Chris’s funeral..
Thank you ✨

Funerals are sad..

God Bless Murricuh

Shoot I did years ago
#badmakeupididLol #firstry #tbt

Had the worst day honestly

👽You were in my XDreams💀

Don’t know if to leave it up yet

&Piercings happened.

Really talk

My goodness, I wish I can kiss you everyday..